Cello Mechanical Music Box

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The Perfect Blend Of 3D And Violin

This 3D masterpiece is designed to captivate every individual with its uniqueness, making it the ideal, meaningful gift for your loved ones.

Explore The World Of Magic Cello Wooden Kits

Lumisom™'s Magic Cello wooden kit comprises 199 pieces, meticulously crafted using high-precision laser cutting techniques.

With a mortise and tenon joint structure and remarkable precision each piece fits together flawlessly, all without the need for glue!"



Mechanism Of Operation

Winding the spring-key activates the mechanism, causing the bow to move in a loop and play a soothing, magical melody.

Lumisom™ magic cello operates using a mechanical spring-key system, eliminating the need for batteries.


Mysterious Magic Ancient Book

The base of the book is a mix of original wood and vintage brown, with a short story about the "father of the cello", Casals.

The three magic books are stacked in sequence, and the cover is carved with an openwork European pattern, mysterious and retro.

The Spellbinding Beauty Of Work of Art.

With the expertise of our award-winning engineers, we meticulously crafted the magic cello, a masterpiece that doubles as an exquisite piece for home or room decor.

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Wooden Puzzle

  • Compact

    Built to travel, this violin offers puzzle-like convenience wherever you travel.

  • Self-playing Mechanism

    The winding mechanism moves the bow in a straight line from left to right and back again.

  • Portable Convenience Icon
    Puzzle Pieces

    The violin is a marvel of craftsmanship, comprised of distinct parts that harmonize to produce its signature sound with puzzle pieces.


  • Wood
  • Insert
  • Size: 9.3"×7.3"×8.1"
  • Weight: 1.68 pounds
  • USB charging: 4-5 hours

Made From 100% Post-consumer. Packaged And Shipped Plastic-free​

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Puzzle Pieces*199
  • Instruction Manual - English*1
  • Step-by-Step Diagram*1
  • Puzzle Pieces: 199 pieces
  • Dimensions: 9.3" × 7.3" × 8.1"
  • Certifications: EN71, CE, FSC, FCC
  • Recommended Age: 14 years and above.
  • Estimated Assembly Time: Approximately 4 hours

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Cello Mechanical Music Box
Original price was: $140.00.Current price is: $59.90.
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