Electrostatic Christmas tree


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Welcoming Christmas with a Modern Touch

This scene is framed by the sleek, contemporary design of a glass revolving door, the transparent structure reflects the holiday spirit quite literally, with reflections of the Christmas tree and decorations creating a layered, almost ethereal effect.

It represents a harmonious blend of modern architecture and traditional festive decor, inviting visitors to step into a world where the holiday spirit is embraced with a modern flair.

Glowing Christmas Tree

The centerpiece of the display is a beautifully lit Christmas tree, its lights radiating a welcoming glow, decorated with traditional red and gold ornaments.

With its countless twinkling lights, it stands as a beacon of holiday joy, shining brightly and softly.

Gifts Of Joy

At the foot of the Christmas tree lies a generous spread of red gift boxes, each adorned with a shiny golden ribbon.

These boxes are not just decorative elements; they symbolize the spirit of giving and the joy of sharing that is central to the holiday season.

The abundance of presents, neatly arranged, suggests the plentiful and boundless nature of the season’s goodwill, and their vivid colors contribute to the overall festive atmosphere of the setting.


Material: PVC

Glue method: Electrostatic type

Weight: 0.3kg


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Electrostatic Christmas tree
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