3D Glass Aromatherapy Diffuser (Dark Wood Base)


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Where Mesmerizing Crystal Projections Meet Soothing Scents!

A fusion of artistry and function, this device is designed to adorn and uplift any space!


Nurture Space, Nurture Self

Our environment greatly impacts our mindset; a cluttered space mirrors a cluttered mind.

By filling your home with warmth and balance, you may unexpectedly experience a surge of uplifting energy that aligns with your personal growth journey.

Achieving inner peace becomes simpler in a serene setting.


Balance & Calm

Many temples around the world use aromatherapy. It's a common way to help people feel calm.
It is known to help you deal with any stress or agitation, inspiring you to become less unbalancedmore focused, or even more relaxed

Bring The Harmony Present In Ancient Temples To Your Own Home

This diffuser adorns your home with stunning beauty, making it a gorgeous decor piece for your living room, your bedroom, or even your office!

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    Light & Aroma in One

    Weighing just 400g, effortlessly enhance your environment with mood lighting and refreshing scents, setting the perfect atmosphere for relaxation.

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    Portable Design

    With over 4 hours of continuous worktime, effortlessly transport the ambiance to any room or setting, ensuring consistent comfort wherever you are.

  • Portable Fridge Icon
    Healing Effect

    Featuring a 7-color LED cycle, tap into the therapeutic benefits of varying hues combined with aroma, uplifting your mood and bolstering well-being.


Made From 100% Post-consumer. Packaged And Shipped Plastic-free​

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The diffuser is designed for longevity, with a worktime of over 4 hours on a single use. This ensures you have a prolonged, uninterrupted ambiance and aromatic experience.
  • Absolutely! Weighing in at a lightweight 400g, our diffuser is effortlessly portable, making it easy for you to shift it between rooms or take it on the go.

  • The diffuser boasts a 7-color LED cycle. Yes, you can set it to cycle through all colors, or if you have a preference, you can select and maintain one specific hue for your session.

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3D Glass Aromatherapy Diffuser (Dark Wood Base)
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